Expense Management Software

Best Expense Report Software with CRM

Manage your organization's entire expenses by using our automated online expense management system. The best way to manage employee expenses in your business.

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Lead Management

Simplify your lead generation and turn potential customers into loyal clients with our easy-to-use lead management system.

  • Capture leads from various sources.
  • Organize and categorize leads for targeted engagement.
  • Automate follow-up emails and reminders.
  • Analyze lead behavior to prioritize high-potential prospects.
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Free Email Verifier

Ensure email accuracy effortlessly. Our free tool verifies email addresses, enhancing your outreach by eliminating inaccuracies and boosting deliverability.

  • Verify email addresses for free.
  • Improve email campaign success rates.
  • Eliminate bounced emails.
  • Enhance overall communication reliability.
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Project Management

Effortlessly track progress, allocate resources, and foster seamless collaboration to elevate your projects.

  • Kanban Board

    Experience enhanced project visualization with Kanban Board feature. Effortlessly manage tasks and streamline workflows for improved efficiency.

  • Invoices

    Access our project management app with essential tools including invoicing and integrated payment gateways for seamless client payments.

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What People Say

Discover firsthand testimonials from our satisfied users, reflecting genuine experiences and exceptional service quality standards.

Jonathan Frakes

Project Manager

Our experience with this task management system has been exceptional. It offers a concealed favorite frankness, simplifying task organization without any defects. Sympathizing with its simplicity, we've seen a significant increase in productivity.

Steve Hanke


This lead management system has revolutionized our approach. Its concealed favorite frankness ensures simplicity, projecting care in lead interactions. As Edward settles limits in, we've observed a remarkable improvement in lead conversions.

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02 Feb

OXOMATIC CRM Simplifies Project Management

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The Power of OXOMATIC CRM's Lead Management
25 Jan

The Power of OXOMATIC CRM's Lead Management

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Managing Invoices with OXOMATIC CRM
18 Jan

Managing Invoices with OXOMATIC CRM

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